Here Are A Few IRLP DO’s and DON’Ts
(Courtesy of W7AOR, NARRI)

  • DO pause between transmissions to let other stations in or allow stations to enter DTMF commands.
  • DO hold your microphone PTT on for one or more seconds before talking to allow all systems time to connect.
  • DO pause before talking for at least several seconds after the node connects to a reflector to make sure you will not talk over a QSO in progress.
  • DON’T try to make or break connections unless you are an authorized control operator. Those who control must identify themselves as controlling before sending DTMF command tones and return the node to the connection state you found it in, i.e., idle or connected to a node or reflector. Always ask if someone is using the connection before you change it.
  • DON’T rag chew locally on a reflector or on a node connection. When the IRLP system is busy keep QSOs to 5 minutes or less.
  • DON’T kerchunk the system without giving your call sign.
  • DON’T say your or the other person’s call sign every transmission (only your call is required once every 10 minutes).
  • DON’T repeatedly say, “I hear that” or “roger that” or “QSL” in response to every transmission/comment.
  • DON’T use 11 meter lingo when talking on the system. Speak normally.
  • DON’T shout into your microphone.
  • DON’T give one-word answers or comments.
  • DON’T break in on an ongoing conversation unless you know all who are in it, and you have something meaningful to contribute.
  • When in a QSO with more than two people, turn it over to someone by name. Example: “go ahead Jim”
  • When you sign clear, turn it over to someone by name or call (DON’T just sign clear because no one knows who should pick up).
  • Use a mike hanger in your vehicle to avoid sitting on the microphone and inadvertently keying up the system with everyone on the system listening to your conversation.
  • DON’T TRY TO CONTROL IF NOT AUTHORIZED TO DO SO OR TALK ABOUT THE CONTROL CODES OR HOW TO CONTROL. That is the business of the node or reflector owner. He will tell who he wants to know. Always ask an owner if you can use his equipment. It should be noted that not all nodes use the same control commands – ask the owner. It is rude to try to control a node if you have not asked first. Just like some repeaters, some nodes are private. More and more node owners are installing passwords to discourage button pushers from trying to operate their node equipment. It is always safe to ask for a control operator when you are a visitor to a node.

You may email Eldon Kearl with any questions you may have about the K7OGM IRLP Node.